By: Laura McBride

Fall Prep Guide 2019

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Happy Fall!

Its that time of year again, to stock up on favourite tea, hot cocoa and cozy blankets! It's also a good time to get outside and check that your property is in good repair for the season. 
ehether you've just moved in or are ready to move on, up to date maintenance always adds value and that's  never a bad thing!
if you have questions about your value, specific improvements that may enhance your market value or need clarification about seasonal maintenance, we as Realtor's® are always happy to advise ;)!

Most Important this season: 

Drain and close outside taps to prevent freezing which can lead to expensive damage; Seal any openings around windows and doors to keep out critters and cold drafts; Clean eaves troughs and downspouts to allow rain and snow to drain properly. Clogged roof systems can cause water leaks in basements, which can be costly and may encourage mould to grow.

Print my handy guide above,  to help you through all your seasonal maintenance tasks.