It's finally August, my favourite month of the year (and not just because it's my birthday month either ;) It is a month to plan changes, much like the new year, as summer is winding down and we enjoy the lazy days of summer before September, which brings forth new routines and organized schedules. It is also a great time to find a new home to love!
This month, buyers rule! The shift in market trends - from a crazy seller's market into this new buyer's market - means that if you are thinking of selling, you must make sure to prepare your home well and should most likely expect finance and home inspection clauses to make their way back into offers. Pricing is key to attract the best volume of buyers, so be realistic and take the advice of your agent.  They know the market and want to sell your home. Strategy is important in positioning your listing against the competition. It is still a strong market and well prepared homes always sell faster and for more money than those that are not.
As you can see from this months theme, I love Pineapples! More than eating them, I love the graphic image and how the sight of them makes me (and others) happy. Although some of the items above are on my wish list and I am always tempted when I find something "pineappley", I do not buy everything. Any true collector knows that too much of a good thing is never good and I will happily keep my collection small enough to only include really special items and gifts from those dear to me.
My advice to fellow collectors out there, especially when selling, whether you collect pineapples, bumble bees (another one of my faves), dolls or spoons, is to keep your collection in check. When prepping your home for sale, only display a few of your favourite items (unless you collect dolls! Dolls bother a lot of people and should be packed).

FACT: The Pineapple is the universal of welcome and many products are available to make sure your home is welcoming to every buyer!

LANDSCAPE TIP: Despite the immense rain in Ontario this season, August is typically a dry month. Plants of every species require regular watering (even if it rains), but some are more tolerant than others of the dry, hot weather.
Don't like to water? Try planting some well behaved perennial (comes back every year) grasses, like Karl Foerster Feather Reed  (tall, sun loving) or Japanese Forest Grass (small, shade loving). Not only are these grasses gorgeous, but they are also very adaptable no matter your skill level.
Remember to always purchase plant material from a reputable grower/ nursery such as Sheridan Nurseries, to ensure your investment will grow to beautiful, healthy maturity.