It doesn't matter what you think your home is worth; what your friends and family think it's worth; what the neighbour's house sold for or how much time and money you spent on that "rare imported tile". It doesn't even matter how much you need in order to move to your next home. Only the market will decide what your property will sell for and if you don't get these 4 things right, you are robbing yourself out of the best possible selling price...yes, even in this crazy market!

1. CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN - When I see the "Please Remove Shoes" sign at a listing I am showing to my (pre-approved) Buyer clients, I expect not to step on dirty bandaids (true story) or feel grit/ grime on the bottom of my socks. When I experience this, my Realtor sense kicks in and I start to wonder what else has been neglected in the home. 
Even your windows should sparkle, no matter the season or weather outside!

2. PACK/ PURGE - You're listing your home, so you're planning a move. Make easy work of packing on closing, by boxing up all non-essential items before listing. Trust me, most Buyers can't see past clutter, personal items or lifestyle habits. It is quite acceptable to use storage areas and the garage for packed items and bulky furniture that once removed will make the property feel larger.

3. GET "DRESSED" FOR THE SHOW - Dazzle Buyers (& their agents) with well made beds, toilet seats that are down and an overall impression that you care.
Create a feeling of calm and balance by incorporating some on-trend design elements. Impress them during showings and they will impress you at the offer table!

4. HIRE A REALTOR WHO KNOWS - Of course I would love to represent all of you, but if you do choose to sign a contract with a different Brokerage, ensure they are well known, in good standing with RECO (Real Estate Council of Ontario) and that the Salesperson you select has your best interests in mind.