January is National Soup Month!

I thought I would share a staple recipe that I try and keep in my fridge for quick meals when I am out with clients or busy watching my boys at their activities. It is best served hot with a fresh baguette (I love Ace baguette's as they do not contain dairy), but the flavour intensifies when cold making it a 4 season fave!
Being a vegan, due to a pesky dairy allergy, I rely on soups for a large part of my diet. If you have a favourite soup that you would like to share, I promise to make it and let you know what I think! Just drop me a note in the contact box on my website's front page lauramcbride.ca 

Finding the right home is as much about what inspires you, as it is about the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Does the morning sun beaming through the kitchen window inspire you to make the fresh scones you saw on Pinterest? Or is the south facing backyard perfect to finally plant that veggie garden you've always dreamed of? 
My family lives in a 1950's home that is "perfectly imperfect" and full of inspirational quirks. Walking distance to schools, trails for our dog, great restaurants and other handy essentials (Starbucks)! 
Whatever type of home you are looking for, be inspired where you live :)