5 Senses Philosophy

Why use the the key 5 senses (+ common sense, of course) as a guide to preparing your home for sale? Despite the many differences each Buyer who enters your home will posses, each one of them will use all or most of the 5 key senses to form an opinion about your property. The experience of the senses will determine whether they'll want to "buy" or "pass". The more who wish to buy, the higher the offers will be.

What a Buyer sees the moment they are exposed to your property, will determine whether they take a closer look and potentially buy your property, or move on to the next one for sale. You have approximately 6 seconds to inspire a buyer from the curb, and another 10 seconds once they walk through your door.

Well-dressed (aka staged) properties with a great showing atmosphere are easy for Realtors® to show and can inspire them to show it to several of their buyer clients. Cooperating real estate professionals want to sell your property to their clients, so make it easy for them or they will sell the competition instead. Listings that reflect the target market’s trending lifestyle sell faster and for more money than those that don’t. 

Need help to create the perfect atmosphere? You're not alone. Most sellers do. 
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Smell is one of the most important factors to consider when selling your home. Of all the senses, scent is the most powerful and can make the biggest impact. 

It is imperative that your home smells fresh, clean and inviting. Strong smells, such as Fish, Smoke, Pets, Grease, and even Room Fresheners, are enough to turn a keen buyer off the moment they walk through your door! 

Ask a friend who will be honest, what their impression of your home’s scent is. It is a good place to start, but trusting your professional Realtor® is even better!

Music is a great way to set a mood in your home for showings, as it enables potential Buyers to relax and enjoy the space at a vibe curated to inspire a sale. It can also help to soften less appealing sounds, such as road noise, construction or noisy neighbours outside the home that may distract the buyer from enjoying the actual space. 

It is important, however, to select the right soundtrack, as the wrong ones can create a negative effect. Just as bad smells can offend potential Buyers, so too can music or sounds that are too repetitive, overbearing or distinct. Keep it light, happy and at a low volume. 

Remember, property is likely the most expensive investment a buyer will purchase in their lifetime. Think of your home like a product you are trying to sell, not a home full of memories you are tied to. 

Think about when you enter a retail store, it is very common to pick up objects for sale and touch everything you like. You are not thinking of the process involved getting that item in stock or the way someone else might use the item. YOU are the customer, so all you are deciding is “is this for me”? That is how a buyer feels when they enter your home, so make it as easy and appealing as possible for them to have a positive experience.

Touch helps us decide if we like something enough to buy it. Make sure your home is clean to the touch, that door handles, light switches and other surface finishes are clean and anything you don't want touched, such as valuables, sentimental and fragile items are packed away.

Inspire every Buyer that walks through your door with the sense that combines them all…Taste! The soft scent of clean linen is welcoming on entry. The sight of gleaming kitchen taps, lemons or potted herbs in the kitchen alludes to a clean and healthy lifestyle in the home. Keep in mind that great marketing sells not only the product, but the dream.

Styling your property in a tasteful way that appeals to the broadest range of Buyers, will increase your success to attract the highest offer. A great stager (like the ones I work with) will make sure all of the finishing touches are perfect!

“Together with hard work, trust and efficiency, I promise to use my expertise, knowledge and experience to prepare your property for the current market and ensure you get the very best price! Some of my suggestions may seem unusual, but each one is thoughtfully geared at attracting the highest offer resulting in a quick and profitable sale.”

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