The Buying Process

With Laura as YOUR Guide...

Inclusive Buyer Experience From Day 1. Your Real Estate Guide For Life!

When you decide to purchase a home with Laura, YOUR experience matters. This process is all about YOU and although Laura is there to navigate you through it the entire time, it is YOU who are in the driver's seat. Below is Laura's process, but nothing is set in stone and anything that doesn't feel right can be modified or changed to suit your specific situation.


Signing Phase

  • First Contact: this may be a phone call, email, zoom chat or an in person connection.
  • Initial Meeting: this is to determine if you and Laura wish to work together.
  • Laura will help you establish a specific budget, by aligning you with 
  • If you decide to work together, you will sign a Buyer Representation Agreement to get the ball rolling. This document establishes representation and allows Laura to advise you, send you listings, take you to showings and register your offer when the time comes.
  • Laura will ask you to complete some "get to know you" questionnaires, so she has a clear understanding of your expectations as well as some fun info that will help her make your experience even better.
  • Getting Started Guide: this is a booklet (printed or digital) that clarifies some of the details you are looking for in a home, your Needs vs your Wants, proximity to area amenities like schools, shops and transit + other must have elements.
  • Laura will then explain all paperwork you will be signing before, during and when you submit an offer (sometimes several). There can be many competing offers on the property you like and the process can move quickly. Knowing what you are signing beforehand and the processes some listing agents structure for specific offer dates, or offers anytime, will allow you to have confidence and peace of mind when the time comes. Laura can explain theses forms and answer any questions you may have.

Searching Phase

  • After establishing budget and home needs, Laura will set you up on her Listing Match system to receive daily emails of any potential matches
  • Liquidate any investments needed for deposit, so that this money is available before you begin your search.  You will need it ready when your offer is accepted.
  • Not all of these will be a match, but some will. You will let Laura know if any look interesting and she will book them for you right away. Many listings only allow for one showing per time slot. Therefore, to ensure you are able to see it at your desired time, booking quickly is essential.
  • Book showings for the homes of interest
  • See the homes of interest. Repeat until you find one you LOVE
  • Submit offer on a property of interest on the specified offer date, if applicable. In high demand Seller markets, you may experience one or more attempts.
  • Win the bid. Yay! YOU BOUGHT A HOME!


Firming-Up Phase

  • Within 24 hours of your offer being accepted, you will deliver the full deposit amount, as indicated in the Agreement, to the Listing Brokerage office or wire it from your bank to the Listing Brokerage Trust account. The money you are offering as deposit should be available in your chequing account and not tied up in investments. 
  • Once the deposit has been made, you will send Laura a copy of the deposit cheque/ wire confirmation and receipt.
  • Notify your Mortgage Agent or bank that you have bought a home. Send, or ask Laura to send the complete agreement and copy of the listing to them
  • Book Home Inspector, if outlined in the agreement as a condition
  • Sign Notice of Fulfillment documents for any conditions such as Inspection, Financing, etc. so Laura can send to Listing side to firm up the deal.
           * If you don’t intend to firm up the deal due to latent damage, seller unable to remedy or other reason, you will need to sign and have the Seller sign a mutual                        release to have the deposit returned to you, however, it can be much more complex than that, which Laura can explain
  • Select a Lawyer to close the transaction. If you need a referral who can close the deal, Laura can provide you with some options. Once you have provided the Lawyer's information,  Laura's Deal Secretary will send all paperwork to them to start the process.


Closing Phase

  • You will receive an invitation via email to MOVESNAP, an exclusive concierge service Laura provides to her clients which helps with creating a moving plan, assistance with utility transfers, address change, etc. 
  • Laura will ask for a friendly review on Google, Rate-My-Agent, or Facebook
  • Book re-visit(s) to view the home now that it is yours! 
  • Photo of YOU holding the SOLD sign for the memory book (optional)
  • Schedule an appointment with your Lawyer to sign all of the closing documents the week of closing
  • Finish packing and get ready to move!


Closing Day

  • You will receive a call from the Lawyer's office on the day of closing once the deal has closed, meaning the money has been transferred to the Seller and the property has been registered in your name(s). 
  • Call Laura to tell her that the deal has closed. The Lawyer will only let YOU know this information.
  • You will be given instructions on where to pick up the key, or what the lockbox code is at the house so you can open your enter your new home!
  • If there is a lockbox, the Listing Agent will come by, usually within a week, to retrieve the box. It is best to leave it empty where it is until they come.
  • Enter your new home and begin making your memories! Take lots of pictures because houses, like people, change so quickly and it is easy to forget how far you've come in making it your own over time.
  • It is highly recommended to change the lock key plate/ keys on all of your entry doors on the day or the day after closing. This ensures that any keys from the previous owners that still may be out there, will not provide access to YOUR home.


Homeowner Phase

Once you are a client of Laura's, your entire homeowner experience is as important as the search...isn't that the point? To find a home that you LOVE!
To ensure you continue to have a great experience, you will receive:

  • A House Warming visit after moving day. 
  • Annual 'Value Check Up'. A statement just like you get for other investments that tells you what your value is based on the current market.
  • Monthly communication in the form of letter mail, video messages, market updates and occasional invitations to fun interactive events.
  • An open door policy to call, text or email any time you have a question, require advice or need a referral to help keep your experience positive long after the sale!

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