Laura’s Summer 2023   Favourite Things

Posted on Aug 11, 2023

Are you like me? Do you love discovering cool innovations, new products and amazing finds that make life a lot more fun, efficient and fulfilling? Awesome! Have fun checking out my summer list below and if you end up trying them too, I’d love to know what you think!

Touch Up Paint Pen by SlobProof
These pens are a perfect way to keep a bit of paint f...

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The 'Slice' - July 2023

Posted on Aug 10, 2023

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Three First Steps To Preparing Your  Home For Sale

Posted on May 01, 2023

Whether you are working with a REALTOR® or Stager already or you're just starting the process before selecting one, there are a few simple must do tasks to ready your home for sale, that will ensure you get the most money and have the best experience during the preparation period. Some real estate professionals may or may not include staging as par...

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5 Exterior Spring Clean Up Must-Have's

Posted on Apr 12, 2022

When the sun starts warming your face in the morning instead of the sharp sleet or wind, then it's time to get outside and start cleaning up winter's messy bed and ready our outside spaces for spring.

Keeping your property in tip-top shape, need not be complex. It can be as easy as picking up the fallen sticks, paper and and debris that have been li...

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5 Ways To Add Fun To The Selling Process

Posted on Nov 29, 2021

When you think about selling your property, do you dwell on the possible work and stress involved? You're not alone. Many homeowners share the same concerns.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

In fact, there are plenty of ways to add some fun, anticipation, and even a sense of adventure to the selling process. Here are just a few ideas:

1. PLAN FUN O...

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Essential Tools Every Homeowner Needs

Posted on Nov 24, 2021

Having the right tools for the jobs you will encounter as a homeowner, will ensure your home always looks it's best and it isn't a big ordeal to keep it that way. Below are the essentials for Curb Appeal, General Repair & Maintenance, Cleaning and Painting. 


For Maintenance & Planting

  • Good Pair of Secateurs (aka hand pruners)
  • Weed...

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