Moving With Dogs

So, you're planning a move with your pet. How exciting!

Meet my Pal 'SUNNY'.  He's a Charcoal Labrador Retriever (black with a dilute gene), and a total goofball! 

With his help, and the help of his two predecessors, Arthur and Otis, I am grateful to have gained insight that helps my "pet parent" clients best  accommodate a furry family member during a move. Read on for more info, or if you would prefer to have a chat about the specifics of your move like:

"Where is the best dog park in Durham?", "How will you stage my home if I have a pet that sheds?",  What will I do with my pet during showings, if I can't be home" ? 

These are all questions that have straight forward answers and I am happy to share them with you on a call if you still need answers after reading this page. Click the link to book a call on my calendar 


Need help to find dog friendly resources?  I can help!

Some Of The Services You May Need During A Move With Your Dog Are:

- Cleaners With A Pet Hair Speciality

- Ozone Treatment To Remove Stubborn Odours

- Local Dog Walkers/ Dog Sitters To Take Your Pet Out During Showings

- Boarding Where Your Dog Can Go On Moving Day, Or During The Process

- Stagers That Work With Your Pets In Mind

Outside Space: Does the home you are considering have enough outside space for quick bathroom breaks and minimum exercise needs? Example: Fenced Yard, Pet Designated Area. Dog Parks And Trails: Does the area you are considering have off leash parks and/or trails that can be accessed without a car? If you do have to drive, is it convenient or inconvenient to your lifestyle goals? Pet Friendly Places: Are there shops, café's or other pet friendly people places, that you can frequent with your furry pal? Dog Friends: Will your dog have the opportunity to interact with other dogs on a regular basis, to keep them stimulated and aid in their mental wellbeing?Vets/ Boarding/ Care: Are there veterinarians, pet emergency, or overnight care options nearby to help you care for your pal when they are in need. Food Needs: Does your dog have a special diet that requires a brand or type of food only available in certain locations? Will it be easy for you to pick up/ have delivery with ease?

I have never met a dog that didn't rush to the door in anticipation of a walk, sniff or play!

Being outside is essential for your pet's mental wellbeing, so when looking for a new abode consider where they will walk? Is it safe for them to run? Tolerated where they will pee and poop? And, Will have access to any dog friends? Walkies. Dogs love adventure. Off leash areas, dog friendly destinations, dog friendly trails, off leash parks,

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